Responsible Gambling

Every gamer sets himself certain goals when starting to play in a casino. Most of the visitors visit the club's website to:

  • have fun;
  • get away from the worries and problems of everyday life;
  • get inspired;
  • get your winnings;
  • try your own luck.

Almost all players hope to get a win, a prize or a bonus, to hit a big jackpot. The club is interested in long-term relationships with players that would become mutually beneficial and equal. They should bring not only pleasure, but also satisfaction, fulfill requests and requirements. In life, as in the game, there are favorites of luck who are always and everywhere lucky. For most people, successes and failures alternate, which makes the game fun and exciting.

Desire Addiction

All people have certain addictions. The main thing is to control the line, crossing which it is no longer possible to stop, and the addiction gets out of control. Everything should be appropriate for age, time and place. Someone has a passion in life for collecting, travel, food, television, computer games, social networks, while others - a certain niche in life is occupied by the game. This is a natural process. The main thing is to remember about a sense of proportion. The number of people prone to morbid dependence on any factors is no more than 5% of the conscious part of the population.

The main question: where is the line that should not be crossed, since problems and troubles will appear. The question is global. Let's just look at the potential causes and possibilities of addiction to games.

Start your test

Even the classics argued that only the drowning man himself can save the drowning man. To assess your personal condition in relation to the problem of gambling, it is enough to answer 9 simple questions. Each affirmative answer counts.

  1. When there was a need to recoup, did you borrow other people's money?
  2. Do you hide the need for the game from the public?
  3. If the question arises: values ​​in life or a game, are you ready to sacrifice in the form of relationships or your favorite job?
  4. Do you feel guilty during the game?
  5. Imagine that as a result of the game you have a significant loss. Put everything on the line to win back?
  6. Is there an obsession with taking bigger winnings in the game?
  7. Does the craving for adrenaline and thrills make you raise the stakes in the game?
  8. When the game was finished ahead of time, there were failures?
  9. Do you get annoyed if the game ends early?

Explanation of results

If your positive answers are less than 5, then approach the game responsibly.

If there are 6-7 answers "yes", there is little risk.

The result of 8-9 affirmative answers indicates that there are serious problems. Over time, they can develop into gambling addiction.

How to get rid of the problem

Do you feel that addiction begins to crush, "devour" from the inside? In no case should you try to solve the problem in one step. Do not throw promises to yourself and others to quit from the next day, never play again, etc. Swearing on values ​​is also ineffective. Such methods have not helped anyone yet.

The presence of a game in life indicates its need. You can conclude an internal contract, replace the game with another activity that brings pleasure. A variety of activities will gradually begin to eradicate addiction.

Follow the advice step by step, do not rush to apply everything at once. Limit the money and time you are willing to spend on the game. Do the installation in your head.

If you can't get rid of the addiction on your own, try to share the problem with others. Discuss, chat with them on this topic. We must try to convince the society. Say that play is the meaning of all life. If those around you are even a little close, their arguments will be weighty. Perhaps the words of others will not completely change your consciousness, but they will definitely make you doubt the correctness of your point of view.


If your minor child or relative is addicted to the game, you should NOT categorically prohibit it, read notations or even block access.

You will never get any positive result, and, what is much more likely, you will make it even worse. After all, prohibitions cause opposition, notations cause indignation, and the modern generation skillfully bypasses blockages on their own or with the help of comrades. Thus, instead of an obvious problem, you get a hidden one.

What to do in such a situation? To get started, please inform Slotor Casino support that this account belongs to a minor. The club, in accordance with internal rules and current legislation, will immediately block such an account.

However, do not rush to think that the problem is over. Try to find its source, direct the solution in the right direction, for example, replace this addiction with a more useful hobby. Probably, the adolescent's addiction to games is just a consequence of another, deeper, but not so noticeable problem.

Nowadays, it often turns out that parents themselves encourage children's enthusiasm for games, fearing more harmful connections with bad companies ("let him play, if only at home!").

If you still decide to apply the method of restrictions, then we offer you several applications that can restrict a child's access to unwanted resources:

  • (creates an individual list of prohibited sites).
  • (blocks gambling sites).
  • (blocks gaming sites on smartphones and tablets).
  • (filters unwanted resources).

If you are not pursuing the goal of becoming a system administrator for your own child, then do not even resort to such measures. Check out other tips, some of which have already been outlined above.

As a last resort, we suggest contacting specialists. If you understand that the problem has become critical, then visit specialized sites (unfortunately, they are all foreign), or contact the rehabilitation center directly for psychological help. In any case, after paying for the services of a specialist, you may simply not have money left for your favorite casino.

The Slotor Club also offers you its help. The support service has experienced managers who are ready to quickly provide the necessary measures.

Feel like a part of the thousands of players in our Club. They manage to find time for work, and for communicating with family and friends, and for household chores, as well as hobbies for games.